The Best Ukulele Brands That You Should Know Before Buying

best ukulele brands

You stuck here, in this page? You must be a Ukulele player or trying to be so. The best Ukulele brand might be your search item now. Search, search and search for good Ukulele brand but never search for this member of guitar family, with ignorance.

Finding the best ukulele can be quite a difficult pursuit. Throughout the way from the inception of your decision to buy a best Ukulele brand there are three milestones: Size, Wood, and Brand. It is not something like Harry Potter’s magical performance of music bringing tunes out of nothing. Following the Alistair Wood’s guide about UkuleleHunt, for selecting right Ukulele brand, you need to proceed through those 3 steps.

First: Sizes

There are four important sizes of the Ukulele:

  1. Soprano: It is a traditional size of 20 inches and is very common. Most of the people connected with this size. It makes real and classical sound.
  2. Concert: It is 23 inches in size with bigger body and longer necks. A typical louder and classical sound is made by it.
  3. Tenor: It is about 26 inches and is very popular Ukulele brand. Its sound is classical and deeper like a classical guitar.
  4. Baritone: It is the largest of the sizes, about 30 inches with deepest sound like nylon stringed guitar. The sound is different from the rest of the sizes.

Second: Wood

There are tons of woods that are used to make Ukulele, such as mahogany, mango, monkey pod, cedar, koa, rosewood and many more. Laminated is cheaper than solid. They are same both from outside and inside. Though, it enhances the outside look, but never possesses a good sound quality as compared to the Ukulele brand of solid wood.

Third: Brand

It is really a difficult business to pick the best Ukulele brand as there are a lot of brand out there including a lot of decent quality brands. The most popular ukulele brands are Mahalo, Kala, Pono, Lanikai, Luna Kamaka, Luna and many more.

The following words that focus on the Ukulele and its different brands will help you to know how large its family is. Before you pick your best choice, knowing the features and specialty of every ukulele brand is very much important.

Kala Ukulele

Though relatively new, it has made a greater impact. Available at a decent and reasonable price Kala Ukulele is highly recommended. Very glossy and slick to look, this beautiful Ukulele brand is available in different sizes., color and look. It is a brand with rich sound made of rosewood and brass fret.

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Luna Ukulele

Luna’s new ukuleles combine the best of traditional profiles and wood selection with fresh new designs to suit the unique players. With Mahogany top, back and sides and rosewood fretboard, the satin finish of the brand is eye catching.

Cordoba ukulele

With the charm of traditional ornamentation Cordoba ukulele is made of exotic woods. The mahogany top and back, the Corodo Ukulele perform very well. This four stringed nature satin well-finished glossy brand is made of rosewood.

Kohala Ukulele

Fantastically built with a tonal quality at a reasonable price and smart look this Ukulele Brand is geared with super nylgur strings. The Hand crafted with mahgony produce crisp tone with desireable height of melody.

Makala Ukulele

Makala ukuleles are the budget range of ukuleles from Kala. They are one of the finest in the financially plan of price range. The body of this superior ukulele brand is made of Agathis Wood. The top is made of the same wood. The bridge and fingerboard are of rosewood with Mahabony made neck.

Lanikai Ukulele

Built completely on the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu, Lanikai’s Makau Series gives honor to the fame of island as the abode of the world’s premium ukuleles. Using the top very small amount of hard Koa wood collect from the elevated slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and on the big Hawaii Island.

Diamond Head Ukulele

Those who favor the guitar-style tuners on the ukulele, the Diamond Head Ukulele offers a stunning maple wood body stained with mahogany brown, It is balanced by nickel-plated style of guitar with tuning machines. Every bit of the of product is valuable and comes with style.

Mahalo Ukulele

It is which is named after the traditional Hawaiian hula dance and inspired by traditional Hawaiian ukulele. The whole body and neck of the instrument are made from exotic wood of Indonesian export tree sengon, mahogany fingerboard is fitted with brass frets.

Caramel Ukulele

These are nice-looking and is made of laminate wood. The strings are of Aquilla that holds tune very well. The sounds are bright and loud. The saddle are of simple plastic.

Kamoa Ukulele

Kamoa Ukuleles are a Hawaii-based ukulele is made from the best materials available. It is a fine instrument need to be treated sensibly. In order to insure that your Kamoa lasts a lifetime in good condition keep it in a hard shell box.

Ohana Ukulele

Ohana ukulele is some of the cheapest solid ukele wood ukuleles around. The materials used to make this kind are mahogany. It is one of the best ukulele brands. It is very rare brand.

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt ukulele tend to be at the cheaper end, but reputed quality brand, but have a good reputation for quality. It makes a good sound and easier to play of all the ukuleles.

Kaka Ukulele

It is light and bears an attractive look. The sound of this brand is very soothing to hear. The player gets an extra shining with the brand in their hand.

What kind of Ukulele Brands would be best For Me?

So there are lots of Ukuleles around you. Visiting any shop will make you confused which to and what to buy. But you must have some ideas of the basics of the instruments. After a long and serious search for the best ukulele, you will have to stop at a point to decide which one is appropriate for you.

Not all nice looking ukuleles are good to play. The materials with workmanship and the use of the strings should be your prime target. If you can’t decide, meet your friends who have already used the instrument. Or, if you are an internet user, search on for this instrument there, ultimately you will get the one of your choice, it is no doubt.

The ukuleles are meant for different age groups: Kids, Beginners, Intermediate and advance players.

Best Ukulele Brand For Beginners:

As a beginner player of Ukulele, you need not crack the bank. Because there are a lot of cheaper and the best Ukelele brands for the beginners. Some of the remarkable brands are:

  • Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele
  • Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele
  • Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele
  • Kala KA-T Mahogany Tenor Ukulele
  • Lanikai S-T Solid Spruce Tenor Ukulele

The names said above are just the tip of a huge iceberg. There are many that you should be aware of before buying. If you are not sure about your next step, then learn more by interacting with the users or the seller.

Best Ukulele Brand For intermediate Players

When you cross the beginner’s stage, you are now an intermediate player. Like any other musical instrument, it is necessary to know about the finest Ukelele for your need. There are a lot in the line, all of which have their individual pros and cons. Always make it a point that the term “best” varies from man to man. Here are a few the best ukulele:

  • Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
  • Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic Electric Ukulele
  • Fender Nohea Tenor
  • Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert
  • Riptide ECUT-2CS Tenor
  • Kala Spalted Maple KA-SMTE
  • Godin 36080 Ukulele
  • Cordoba 35TS-CW
  • Ibanez UEW15E Concert Ukulele
  • Lanikai CK-C Natura

Best Ukulele Brand For Advanced Players

Once you are successful in the intermediate section to grasp the tabs, it is time to move to a higher position to play various tunes in full. Here you can articulate your resourcefulness. You will be able to add color to the solos with your additional findings. For the advanced player some of the best Ukulele brands are:

  • Sawtooth ST-UKE-BSGR-KIT-1
  • U-30BK Ukulele by Mahalo
  • Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano
  • U-30BK Ukulele by Mahalo
  • Kala Makala Shark Soprano ukulele
  • Soprano pineapple ukulele by Luna

Search more to know more and, gain the possibility of getting the best Ukulele.

Best Ukulele brands for the Kids (baby):

If you have already made up your mind to instill melody in your kids Ukulele, but can’t find solution over it, here you will find some of the brands that suit your child best. When choosing for the one, do this by keeping in mind size, complexity, and materials, etc.

For this purpose the finding the right ukulele brand for the kids ia very important as it is for the kids who are learn with innocent mind. They take up what is exposed to them. Some brands of Ukulele can be sited as:

  • Soprano Ukulele
  • Concert Ukulele
  • Tenor Ukulele
  • Baritone Ukulele
  • Mahalo Rainbow Series
  • Kala MK-SWB Makala Waterman Ukulele

All always Remember before buying uku Size , Materials , and specially Brands is very important and Before choosing your best uku you should know the features and specialty .

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