ukulele or guitar for kids

Ukulele or Guitar: Which Is Good For Your Kids?

If your child wishes to learn a stringed instrument, you should never do two things. First, never discourage your kid. Secondly, never misguide your kid with your “no knowledge” or “half knowledge”

Ukulele is a real instrument:

ukulele is real instrument for kids

The parents are, most often; want to know if they should learn their kids playing Ukulele before learning guitar. Undoubtedly, the ukulele is a very good instrument, but it is a real instrument. You should never take it as a preparatory instrument to guitar.

Sizes of the two instruments Guitar and Ukulele:

Though there are differences between guitar and ukulele, the experts, however,   never suggest seizing ukulele only for reason that it is smaller in sizes. If size is the main thing that encourages you to take up Ukulele, then you can prefer classical guitars of different sizes for your kid’s guitar lessons. There are 1/8, ¼, ½ and ¾ sizes that you can pick matching with your child. In addition, there are lots of books and other resources, that will help you to learn guitar without learning Ukulele.

Ukulele and Guitar are not same:

Though both of the instruments are fretted instruments, the ukulele is not like a guitar. Both are different in many respects. The tuning of both the instruments is not same. There are lots of students who find it very hard to transit from Ukulele to guitar after they finished the learning of guitar. So learning of Ukulele first doesn’t ensure that your kids will be able to translate to the guitar.

Choosing The Right Piece Instrument:

The right instruments for your kids should be your prime concern whenever you wish to give your child stringed instrument lessons. The instruments should be newly bought from the market. The Older instrument might be challenging for the beginners. For this reasons, it is always advisable to consult with a music teacher before investing on the instrument.

The right choice of Ukulele:

Ukulele is very cute and lovable instrument. For those who focus on learning Ukulele, the smaller sizes of the standard soprano ukulele with softer nylon strings are also great to draw for the kids with tender fingers.

For the kids who wish to acquire guitar lesson, it is advisable not to invest hefty amount on an electronic guitar as their first appliance. Rather, pick a traditional guitar with nylon strings. In each of cases, you should never skip consultation with the experts or experienced music teacher.

The right choice of Guitar:

When your kid feels enthusiastic to point out a gleaming electronic Guitar in a player’s hand or in any television show or in any music store, you may think that it is the right time to buy a guitar for your child. It is true that children’s enthusiasm should never be dampened by delaying. On the other hand, it is also not rare where the students quit in a middle way just because for the reason that the instruments were not chosen. So getting a right instrument is always important.

Words To Parents:

Parents should involve very seriously. They should know how to start. Just going and coming from weekly lessons is not enough. It is a regular practice that will take your kids music lessons to a great height. Encourage your kids in right way and take part with them and they will surely succeed.


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